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*We guarantee 10X ROI * We guarantee 15% more cost-effective than the competition

* Our longest dealer on A.I. is 4 years

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Genius AI can answer your phones and set service appointments 24 hours a day and doesn't expect overtime pay.

We can help you to eliminate:

  • Employees arriving to work late
  • Employees Calling off Work
  • Worker's comp expenses
  • Hamster Wheel of Training for the same position
  • Employee Entitlement
  • Over Time expenses
  • Attitude related losses
  • Multiple employees to cover open hours
  • Mistakes that lead to costly discounts and poor customer satisfaction
  • Employees neglect the phone calls for the person in front of them
  • Special Order Parts being sent back repeatedly

Tech doesn't have to feel like a different language

Genius AI is a Digital Voice Assistant that answers phones 24/7/365, guarantees 0 missed calls, and speaks with a humanlike voice.

Genius AI uses cognitive conversational artificial intelligence to answer phones, talk to customers, manage voicemails, route calls, provide repair status, and set service appointments in your DMS.

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all calls anwered 24/7

zero missed calls. all messages replied to within 1-hour. no more more long wait time

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Special Order Parts

remind customers on a daily basis, notifications and booking to ensure parts gets installed

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Allow your callers to check real-time status without bothering your advisors

Innovation that generates Revenue

Here are some of our features:

A.I. BDC: Ensures all bookings are captured 24/7

- Greets callers by name (including the majority of 1st-time callers)

- Books appointments within 60 seconds [2 to 3 times faster and smoother than the competition] and does not stutter

- Provides a real-time view of "Conversations" that are happening with customers

- Deploys in a few hours per dealership

Executive Assistant: Ensures all customer messages are replied to within 1 hr

- If the advisor does not answer a call, his/her Personalized Executive Assistant helps the caller, sends the advisor a text and email,

- If the customer's message is not attended to within 30 min, the teammates are requested to help the advisor

- After 1 hour, if still not attended to, the message is escalated to the manager.

- Our Dashboard helps managers quickly detect if a customer is waiting for a response. Our reports show how long an advisor takes to answer messages, as well as how much he/she contributes to answering team messages

Parts Arrived: Ensures parts are rotated quickly

- Our Parts Arrived follows up with customers every day until they book

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Customer Name

Modules Used

Phone Number

Envision Honda of Milpitas

Receptionist and BDC

(408) 684-5342

O’Brien Honda Bloomington

Receptionist and BDC

(309) 663-9591

Silver Star Mercedes NY

Press 1 Service, Press

1 Book Appointment

(855) 219-7867

Vin Devers Autohaus

Genius Reception Module

(419) 273-9792

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